COBB GALLERIA • ATLANTA • September 20-22, 2017


Design & Interactivity Without Sacrificing Speed
Material Design that Delights
Get Your Node.js API Swaggering with OpenAPI Spec
Geolocation with Mobile Apps
How do Angular components communicate?
The best kept secrets of Angular CLI
Integrating Performance Across the DevOps Lifecycle
Icons Behaving Badly
Redux with React Workshop
When developer must become designer; how to be a one-person UX team
Make your animations perform well
An Introduction to Bluetooth Beacons
Vendor Neutral Serverless Apps in Python/Zappa
Secure Network Communications
Defensive Android Security
The Journey
How To Develop Like A Designer (workshop)
Unlocking the power of speech recognition in your app with Titanium+Hyperloop
How to Build a View Controller
iOS Coordinators in Practice
JS and IoT: Alexa, bots and more
Mobile Development For Arduino 201
Vue.js - The Next Big Thing In JavaScript
Kotlin Coroutines in Android
JavaScript fundamentals for React
How To Develop Like A Designer (workshop)
Machine Learning Guided User Interfaces
Blow Your Mind with NPM
Testing the JavaScript stack with Jest
I Know I Should Use SVGs But Don't Know How
Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming
WebAssembly: Disrupting JavaScript since 2017
Enterprise Innovation for UX, UI, and IxD
Add Powerful UI Components to Your React Apps
Creating high performance graphics in the browser with WebGL
iOS & Android Apps in C# with Xamarin
Cross-Platform Desktop Apps with Electron
Angular + Spring + Bootstrap = JHipster (Full day workshop)
What's New in Android O?
Android Custom Views and Your Sanity
Show me how you REST!
Dojo 2: Rethinking Reactive Architectures
The State of Mobile Web
Building Libraries for Kotlin
Rapid Applications with React Native
Finally, Enterprise JavaScript Is Easy!
Angular Fast & Furious (v5+)
What's coming in Angular 5!
Type Erasure in Swift
Production-Ready Node.js
Building Real World Node.JS Microservices
Progressive Web Apps from scratch
Modern Web APIs for a Better User Experience
What the Swiftly Func?
How I Cut My Working Hours in Half and Somehow Managed to Get More Done
Functional Programming for the Web & JS
Using Firefox for awesome debugging
UX Your Life
Lessons from the trenches - Designing Resilient Bulletproof React/Redux Apps Part 1
Lessons from the trenches - Designing Resilient Bulletproof React/Redux Apps Part 2
Cooking with Jen! The delicious combo of NativeScript, Angular, and Firebase
Escape Callback Hell and enter Callback Heaven with Async Await
Intro to Flexbox with Real Word Examples
IoT Prototyping with Node.js and Firebase
Functional Programming for the Web & JS
Dive into RxJS Observables
Get Started with Redux
TypeScript for Node.js Development
Striking a Balance with UI Tests
D3 + Angular = Visual Awesomesauce
Myths of Angular 2: What Angular Really Is
The State of State Management in React
Get More Done with Vue.js
Make Alexa Great Again
You don't know Angular
Javascript ES6: The Good Parts
Advanced TypeScript
JS and IoT: Alexa, bots and more
UX Design Story for Product Adoption
Fun with Fabric.js
Javascript Best Practices for Performance & Memory
The Decentralized Social Web
WebVR: Portable VR Experiences for the Web
What The Doc?!?!
Android Architecture Revamped
Deploying and Debugging Node.js Apps on the Cloud
React + ASP.NET Core = Awesome!
Robust Error Handling in Node.js
Using a Component Library to Create Compelling User Interfaces in React
Going Web Native
Design and iterative testing: how to create a winning design, every time!
What Big Data is Missing: Remembering Our Humanity
A Pragmatic Overview of Machine Learning in Android
Angular + Spring + Bootstrap = JHipster (Full day workshop)
Develop Hip APIs and Apps with Spring Boot and Angular
What the Heck is OAuth and OpenID Connect?
Using Chrome Developer Tools
TypeScript for Scalable Apps
Ionic Workshop: From Native to Web
An Accessible Guide to Accessibility
Typography for the Modern Web
Modern Web APIs for a Better User Experience
Building Realtime Mobile Apps with React Native and Elixir
React and GraphQL with Apollo
Crossing the Giant Chasm of Swift
Energize your development flow with CLIs
Unforgettable - Getting Closure in Node
Vendor Neutral Serverless Apps in Python/Zappa
Tame the Async Redux Beast with redux-logic
CSS-in-React with styled-components
Going Serverless with OpenWhisk
Angular's User Authentication Tool Belt
Griddle: a React Datagrid component
Strategies for learning React
Back from the past: A tale of helping others upgrade from AngularJS
The end of "Native" as we know it
The fastest way to create a REST API in Node.js
No REST for the weary... Introducing GraphQL
Lightning Fast React Apps
Get Rails out of your Ruby
React: Beginner to Advanced
Hitchhiker's guide to React
Sense & SVG-ibility
Building a Serverless Microservice with AWS
React Router - what's new?
JavaScript Today, Tomorrow, and one Alternative
How to Learn
Reactive Programming with RxJS: A Beginner’s Perspective
Make Your React App Run Smoothly... with TDD Part I
Make Your React App Run Smoothly... with TDD Part II
Redux with React Workshop
Swift 101 for the non-developer
ng3000: What is Angular 2 and 4, Why Did They Skip Angular 3, and Why Should I Update from Angular 1.x?
Web Accessibility
Angular Wizardry for AngularJS Folks
Designing Custom Typography in Android
Porting an Experience from iOS to Android